What are those spots in my egg? Are they safe to eat?

Yes. They are not harmful and do not effect the nutrition or usability of the egg.  You can simply remove the spots with a knife tip or leave them and use the eggs normally. Either way it's not a problem.

It can be caused by a minor blood vessel rupture on the yolk surface when the egg is being formed. This does not effect the health of the hen. Ours hens are well looked after, as you can see on our website with our ChookCam, so the most likely cause is a small localised event like a hawke or plane flying over that alarms them for a short time. This may effect some eggs for a day or two.

We don't normally see complaints about this as the small number of effected eggs are usually removed after inspection at the grading shed. However, in brown shelled eggs they can be harder to spot. It's not possible to catch all of them.