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Our free range farms

There are many advantages in free range farming compared to either intensive caged layer management or barn egg production. In free range farming, the hens have easy access to shelter from weather and predators and facilities for feeding, drinking and nesting day or night. And they range naturally outside in a secure area on most days. This allows them to supplement the optimised hen house diet with other natural foods such as, soft leaves, seeds and insects. Free range hens are able to eat small stone fragments that aid digestion and release necessary trace minerals.

Our farmers have adapted the latest technologies to build modern free range farms. When inside, the hens’ comfort is ensured by an environmentally friendly layer facility. The barns have modern features such as automatic egg collection, feeding and watering. Cooling fans and foggers keep the hens more comfortable on hot days.

Our hens have at least 8 hours per day access to the range. Some runs have natural pasture but some have a mixture of natural and improved pastures. Pasture cover may be effected by external environmental factors. All ranges are fenced with high vermin-proof fences. Feed is provided in automatic feeders operated on demand by the hens or by time clocks; so it is available to them whenever they choose to enter the barn. In fact, the hens can be observed moving back and forth regularly between the range and the barn.

All our ecoeggs farms provide an average maximum of 10.3 hens or less per square metre hen for shelter at night and outdoor stocking density is max. 10,000 hens per hectare during the day. Thanks to our live ChookCam™ you can clearly see the hens enjoying their outside time, digging, dust bathing and running around. 


The Stroud Valley farm has been owned and operated by one family for over 30 years. The property features rich soils with a temperate climate close to Port Stephens waterways.


The family farm is located at Campvale adjacent to a National Park near Port Stephens in NSW. The owners are experienced farmers with a well chosen site that experiences cooling sea breezes most afternoons.